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    Between Two Cities Rulebook

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    Using 2 tiles on each round, build 2 cities - 1 with the person on your left and 1 with the person on your right. Of the 2 completed cities, the city with the lowest score is your final score. Highest score wins.


    • 108 Building Tiles
    • 24 Duplex Tiles
    • 14 City Tokens
    • 1 Scoreboard
    • 1 Rulebook
    • 7 Reference Cards
    • 15 Seating Randomiser Cards

    Game setup

    • Pick a seat randomiser card and follow its instructions clockwise
    • Place scorecard in the middle
    • Place 1 city token on left of each player, with matching token by scorecard
    • Next to scorecard place duplex cards and box with city tiles, all face down

    Game Overview

    • Consists of 3 rounds
    • 2 tiles are selected per turn, flipped simultaneously by all players
    • Build 4x4 city, no deviation allowed

    Round 1

    • Draw 7 city tiles, secretly choose 2, place remainder under city token on left
    • Simultaneous tile reveal
    • Discuss and place 1 tile in left city, 1 in right, ensuring they are adjacent to another tile
    • While tiles exist under city token on right, repeat previous steps until 1 tile left
    • Discard last tile

    Round 2

    • Draw 3 duplex tiles, secretly choose 2, place last one under city token on left
    • Reveal and place as in round 1
    • Discard last tile

    Round 3

    • Like round 1, but to the right
    • End with 4x4 city


    • Score by reference card, top to bottom, going round players and moving city tokens on scoreboard

    Shops: Straight line (row or col), each tile only used for one set (ie., not both row AND col)

    Factories: Most, second-most, third-most out of all cities

    Taverns: Score for sets of different types

    Offices: Score for number of tiles, plus bonus next to tavern

    Parks: Increase score for larger adjacent groups (can have multiple groups)

    Houses: Score according to diversity across city (different types of other tiles)