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    Be the first player who correctly determine the answer of these questions :

    1. Who done it
    2. Where
    3. With what weapon

    Game Components

    1. Clue game board, consists of 9 rooms.

    2. 6 Character pawns each representing one of the suspects :

    3. Colonel Mustard

    4. Miss Scarlet

    5. Professor Plum

    6. Mr. Green

    7. Mrs. White

    8. Mrs. Peacock

    9. 6 Miniature weapons

    10. Rope

    11. Lead Pipe

    12. Knife

    13. Wrench

    14. Candlestick

    15. Pistol

    16. Deck of cards, One card for each of the 6 suspects, 6 weapons and 9 rooms.

    17. Pad of detective notebooks to aid in your investigation

    18. Confidential case envelope

    19. 2 Dice

    Set up

    1. Lay out the board

    2. Place character tokens in corresponding start squares.

    3. Place each weapon in different room, it doesn't matter which ones.

    4. Sort the cards into 3 different groups :

    5. suspects

    6. rooms

    7. weapons

    8. Shuffle each group individually

    9. Take one card from each and without showing it to anyone place it to confidential envelope in the center of the board.

    10. Shuffle together the remaining group of cards and deal out the entire deck clockwise face down to each player. Some player may get more cards than the others.

    11. Each player pick the starting character closest to them to be their pawn.

    12. Play begin with Miss Scarlett and proceeds clockwise.


    Try to reach different room in the board. On your turn, you may role both dices and move the number of spaces in any direction. However, there are 3 terms:

    • You can't move your pawn diagonally.

    • You can't move to the space you already touch in your turn.

    • You can't move through or on to space of another pawn, unless it is in a room.

    Making a Suggestion

    As soon as your pawn enters a room on your turn, you may make a suggestion by moving any pawn or no pawn if it's yourself and a weapon to that room.

    You are now sugesting that the character, weapon and current room is the crime.

    Beginning from you one at a time a player who has a card included in your suggestion must prove your suggestion false by secretly showing you one of the suggested cards from their hands.

    Once one player has done this, no other player needs to say anything or show anything about the suggestion.

    You are only allowed to make room suggestion for the room you are currently in.

    After you make a suggestion you may make an accusation, or end your turn.

    If you start your turn in a room another player moved you for a suggestion on a previous turn, you may skip rolling and moving if you like, and make suggestion of your own.

    Once any player make suggestion in a room, that player, leave that room in order to make another suggestion.

    If pawns block all doors to the room you are currently in, you are not allowed to leave.

    The corner rooms on the board have secret passages, during your move, instead of rolling dice, you may simply travel to the opposite corner room.

    Use the notepads to help you keep track of clues.


    During your turn, may make an accusation.

    Tell everyone what are you guess for who, where and with what, then secretly look to the confidential envelope.

    If you are wrong

    Gameplay continues. Move your pawn to the nearest room, but you are not allowed to win and your turn is skipped.

    You still reveal cards to suggestions.

    Return the cards back to the envelope.

    If your accusation is correct

    Reveal the confidential cards to everyone.

    The game is over and you win !.