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    Place the Start chamber in the center of the table. Shuffle the remaining chambers, deal 4 facedown to each player, and place the rest facedown to form the draw pile.

    Each player chooses a hero and places it on the Start chamber. Place the coins in a facedown pile to form the Dragon Hoard.

    Player Turn

    Randomly choose a starting player who takes his turn. Play then goes clockwise.

    On your turn, you must take one of the following actions:

    1. Place A Chamber

    Place a chamber from your hand adjacent to another chamber already in play, then draw the top chamber from the draw pile and add it to your hand.

    You may not place a chamber so the arrows face each other.

    If there are no chambers left in the draw pile, play continues without the draw. If you have no chambers in your hand, you may only move your hero. If you cannot, your turn is skipped.

    If none of the players have chambers or can move their heroes, the game ends and the player with the most gold wins.

    2. Move Your Hero

    You may only move your hero in the direction of an arrow on the hero’s current chamber.

    When you move onto a chamber, its special action is enacted. Actions are not performed again unless your hero legally reenters the chamber on a later turn.

    The Start Chamber

    The Start chamber may not be destroyed with the Destroy a Chamber chamber or removed from play with the Magical Shift chamber. It may be rotated with the Rotate a Chamber chamber.

    The Drakon Figure

    The first time a player places a Drakon Moves chamber, that player must also place the Drakon figure on any chamber free of heroes.

    If Drakon ends a turn on the same chamber as a player’s hero, that hero is moved to the Start chamber and discards one coin randomly.

    If the hero moves into a chamber with Drakon in it, that hero must immediately (before any chamber actions) move to the Start chamber and discard one coin randomly.

    All heroes are affected if there are several heroes in the chamber. There is no effect if the hero is moved through a chamber with Drakon in it, or vice versa.

    Drakon is not considered a hero and does not trigger chamber effects.

    Winning The Game

    The first player to collect enough coins for a total value of 10 gold immediately wins the game.

    Coins are kept facedown and their values secret from other players.

    Optional Rules & Variants


    Players choose their heroes randomly, and each has a special action you can use once per game , on your turn, immediately before or after your normal action. Discard the hero token when you use your ability.

    Escape From Drakon's Lair!

    In order to win, a hero must be the first to collect at least 8 gold, then move onto an Escape or Teleport chamber.

    Team Play

    Each 2 players are on the same team trying to collect a total of 20 gold together.

    In a 4 player game, each player sits across from his teammate. The order of play is 1 (Team A), 2 (Team B), 3 (Team A), 4 (Team B).

    In a 6 player game, each player sits 3 seats to the left of his teammate. The order of play is 1 (Team A), 2 (Team B), 3 (Team C), 4 (Team A), 5 (Team B), 6 (Team C).

    Coins are put in a team’s common pool and both players may look at the values.

    Fixed Gold

    The first player to collect 5 coins, regardless of value, wins the game.