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    Each player takes a Torch card , a Camp card and a Tent.

    Create the Temple by placing the 5 Temple cards in the center of the table. Shuffle the 5 Artifact cards and place one facedown under each Temple card.

    The Start player is the last person to have held a real piece of Gold.

    Turn Sequence

    The Start player begins a round by turning over the corresponding numbered Temple card (starting with card 1).

    Show the Artifact to all players, then shuffle it into the Quest cards to make the Quest deck for this round.

    1: Players’ Choices

    Each player secretly chooses their Torch card if they are going further into the Temple, or their Camp card if they are leaving.

    All players reveal their chosen card simultaneously, faceup on the table.

    Skip this step on the first turn of the round, as all players will be entering the Temple.

    2: Players continuing into the Temple

    The Start player takes the top card from the Quest deck and places it faceup next to the last card drawn (on the first turn place it next to the Temple), making a pathway of cards.

    Lay Hazard cards at right angles to make them easier to identify.

    If the card is a blue bordered Treasure, the treasure value is divided among the players still in the Temple, rounded down. The treasure is placed beside the players’ Tents. If they cannot be divided equally, left over treasures are left on the card.

    If the card is a gold bordered Artifact, the card stays on the path and will count for extra points at the end of the game.

    If the card is a red bordered Hazard, either:

    • if this is the first Quest card, place it and immediately draw another.

    • if no Hazard of the same type has been revealed, nothing happens.

    • if this is the second Hazard of the same type, the players have been driven from the Temple and the round is over. All players still in the Temple give back all the treasures they took this round (those beside their Tents). Remove the card from the game.

    3: Players who leave the Temple

    If one or more players choose to leave the Temple:

    • they equally divide all the treasures that have been left on any Quest cards in the path for this round. If they cannot be divided equally, leftover treasures are left on any Quest card.

    • they return to camp and place all the treasures they received this round inside their Tent.

    • if one and only one player leaves, that player may pick up all Artifacts on the path. The first 3 Artifacts to leave the Temple are worth 5 points each (place an obsidian stone on each card). Any further Artifacts are worth 10 points each (place a gold stone on each card).

    • they leave their Camp card faceup and take no part in play for the rest of the round.

    4: End of a round

    A round can end:

    • when all players have left the Temple, or

    • when the second Hazard card of the same type is drawn.

    Any Artifacts on the path when the round ends are removed from the game.

    The Start player passes all Quest cards to the person to the left, who becomes the new Start player. Begin a new round.


    The game is played in 5 rounds. After the final round, treasure under the Tents is revealed and the player with the most wealth of treasure is the winner. If scores are tied, the player with the most Artifacts wins; if still tied, play again.

    Treasures are valued as follows:

    Turquoise (green): 1

    Obsidian (black): 5

    Gold (yellow): 10

    Artifacts: 5 or 10

    Two Players

    Each player controls 2 different adventurers. The treasure is divided with one share per adventurer still in play.

    When deciding to leave or go further into the Temple, a player may have one of his adventurers leave and the other continue, or both leave, or both continue. They are treated as 2 different adventurers from different players. When an adventurer leaves the Temple, only his share of the treasure is brought back to the camp and put in his Tent.