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    Each player takes one large market stand card.

    Shuffle the cards and place them face down as the card supply (when the supply is exhausted shuffle the discard pile as the new card supply).

    Place the 5 action markers in the centre.

    Each player draws a starting hand of 5 cards and 20 gold.

    Choose a starting player.

    Order of play

    A turn is divided into two phases that must be played in the following order.

    Players may use 5 action markers during a turn.

    Actions are counted by the player’s opponent by taking action markers from the centre.

    Cards are drawn secretly and discarded face up.

    1. Draw Cards - 1 action

    Draw one card, keep or discard

    A player may draw up to 5 cards at a cost of 1 action each, but as soon as a card is kept, or when the player chooses to, move on to phase 2.

    The player may bypass this phase if desired.

    2. Play Cards - 1 action

    Play a card (small market stand, wares, utilities, people, animal)

    If a player has 2 or more action markers left at the end of his turn, he takes 1 gold from the bank.

    Small market stand

    Small market stands holding 3 wares each may be built in addition to the player’s large market stand.

    The first player who builds a small market stand pays 6 gold to the bank.

    All further small market stand built by either player cost 3 gold.

    Ware cards

    Ware cards are used for buying or selling wares.


    When buying pay the cost on the bottom left to the bank. Take all the wares shown and place them on empty spaces on market stands.

    If there not enough spaces or ware tokens available, the card may not be played.

    When a player fills a sixth space on a large market stand, he must pay 2 gold to the bank.


    When selling take the amount on the bottom right from the bank. Take all the wares shown from the player’s market stands and return them to the supply.

    If a player does not have all the wares, the card may not be played.

    Utility cards

    Utility cards (darker background) are played face up in a player’s play area and remain there. The card’s function may be used anytime, once per turn , at a cost of 1 action, even on the turn played.

    3. Use Utility card function - 1 action

    Once used turn the card face down to show it has been used this turn. Turn it face up at the end of the player’s turn.

    A player may have a maximum of 3 Utility cards. If he wants to play a fourth, one of the existing cards must be discarded (it may have been used this turn).

    A player may have more than one of the same card and thus use the function once per card in a turn.

    People and animal cards

    People and animal cards (lighter background) are executed immediately and then discarded.

    A player may always play a guard card in reaction to an animal card. This costs no actions and negates the action of the animal card for both players. They are then both discarded.

    Victory Conditions

    When a player has 60 or more gold at the end of his turn, his opponent takes one last turn.

    After that, if the opponent has the same or more gold, he is the winner. Otherwise, the player who triggered the end of the game is the winner.