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    Decide how many rounds to play. Place the board between the players. Shuffle the cards and deal 8 to each player. Oldest player starts.


    On his turn, a player must first play one card from his hand, then draw one card to replace it.

    When playing a card a player may either:

    • add a card to an expedition or

    • discard a card.

    Adding a Card to an Expedition

    The player can start a new expedition or extend an expedition already begun.

    To start a new expedition, place a card faceup next to the space on the board corresponding to that expedition.

    To extend an existing expedition, place a new card from the expedition partially covering the previous card.

    Cards must always have increasingly higher numbers, though the numbers do not need to be consecutive.

    Investment Cards

    Investment cards can only be played at the beginning of an expedition.

    Up to 3 investment cards may be played before the first numbered card of an expedition.

    Once a numbered card is played no more investment cards may be played.

    Discarding a Card

    Discarded cards are placed on the space on the board that matches that expedition, covering any other cards on that space.

    Drawing a Card

    The player may take the top card from the facedown draw pile or the top card from any of the destination discards on the board.

    A player cannot draw a card he discarded this turn.

    Game End

    The game ends immediately when the last card is taken from the draw pile (the number of remaining cards can be counted to plan play).

    Calculate scores, then shuffle the cards and begin another round if necessary.

    The player with the largest points total so far starts the round.


    Base value: Add the numbered cards together from each expedition and subtract 20 from the sum. If a player plays no cards at all to an expedition, its value is 0, not -20.

    Investment modifier: Multiply the value of each expedition (positive or negative) by the number of investment cards played on that expedition plus 1.

    Expedition bonus: Each expedition that contains at least 8 cards gets a fixed bonus of 20 points added after the multiplier.