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    Snow Tails Rulebook

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    Drawing from a personal deck of cards, use the values on the cards to race your dog sled against other players on a modifiable snow track. Winner is the first and furthest across the finish line.


    • 16 Track Tiles

      • 1 Double-sided Start
      • 2 Double-sided U-turn
      • 8 Double-sided Straights
      • 4 Double-sided Corners
      • 1 Double-sided Finish
    • 5 Wooden Sled Tokens
    • 5 Sled Mats
    • 5 Dog Decks
    • 32 Brake Markers
    • 20 Dent Cards
    • 20 Wooden Saplings
    • 1 "Big Paws" Token

    Game setup

    • Setup track, yellow flags on left, red on right
    • Each player gets a token, mat, and Dog Deck (cards, shuffled, face down) of a colour
    • Brake marker "3" in each player mat
    • Dent cards and brake markers available next to track
    • Choose who starts, going clockwise, place sleds and draw 5 cards, plus additionals for places on track

    Game Overview

    • Turns go in order of current race position, inside trumps equal positions

    Each Turn

    • Play 1-3 Canine Cards of exact same value onto dogs, or discard piles, one card per location. Brake marker of card value placed
    • Move sled forward by adding canine values (speed) - brake value, drift sideways (positions at player's discretion) by difference of canine values to the max of speed
    • Return hand to 5 cards including dent cards (which can't be discarded), draw/discard

    Gameplay Notes

    • Bonus movement is awarded to balanced sleds and given at the value of the race position, to be taken completely or not at all, in a straight line, provided player had speed, and not on first turn
    • Hazards

      • Exceeding safety speed = speed - safety speed
      • Crashing into another sled stops in place, don't refill hand, just discard
      • Side of track = 1 dent card
      • 5 dent cards = dead, unless at finish

    Game End

    • End of round, player over finish line and furthest wins